Who is THCEL.com?

THCEL, a prominent wholesaler based in China, dealing primarily in mobile phone LCD screens.

With a sprawling network of partnerships across various factories and over 17 years of industry experience, we have evolved into a significant player in the mobile phone LCD market.

Our talented team of 70 professionals works diligently to provide our clients with an impressive array of mobile phone LCD screens.

Our distinctive edge lies in our competitive prices, a wide-ranging portfolio of models, and a one-stop-shop convenience.

Our clients save precious time and energy with our comprehensive offering, thanks to our exceptional partnerships across China’s factories.

Our business philosophy revolves around quality, and to this end, we have a professional product quality inspection team that ensures only the best for our customers.

We primarily serve importers, buyers, distributors, wholesalers, mobile phone repair chain stores, and repair shops all around the world.

Our commitment to timely communication, high-grade product quality, a comprehensive warranty, and a well-structured after-sales service set us apart.

We firmly believe that by focusing on these core values, we can further solidify our reputation in the market.

At THCEL, your success is our goal.

Numbers we are proud of

For the Mobile Phone LCD wholesale business,we have enough confidence in our products, and these figures witness our development in the international market, would you like to be our business partner?

You can choose to become our exclusive distributor, you will be the sole importer for the local market and our high quality mobile phone LCD and a range of peripheral products will only be sold to you.

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Happy Clients
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We Support Different Types of Buyers

THCEL caters to a diverse clientele, from importers, distributors, wholesalers, to repair shops,providing a vast array of quality mobile phone LCD screens.


THCEL supports mobile phone LCD screen importers with a broad selection of quality products, competitive pricing, efficient communication, a robust quality warranty, reliable after-sales service, and timely shipping logistics.


For mobile phone LCD screen distributors, THCEL offers extensive product varieties, competitive prices, timely delivery, marketing support, reliable after-sales service, and a robust warranty, aiding in their sales and distribution processes.


For wholesalers, THCEL provides an extensive variety of mobile phone LCD screens, competitive prices, reliable quality assurance, prompt delivery services, and consistent support for supply chain optimization.

Repair Shops

At THCEL, we understand the vital role of mobile phone repair shops. We provide comprehensive support, including fast delivery, high-quality LCD screens, responsive customer service, and technical assistance to ensure your success and customer satisfaction. We've got you covered!

Let THCEL.com boost your business today!

THCEL have been in the business of wholesale mobile phone LCD in China for 24 years, let a true industry veteran provide you with high quality mobile phone LCD.

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